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Nicole Carli

Fellow 2015-2016

blogs by Nicole Carli

Aso Puente, Guatemala City

Every Insight trainer’s dream is to walk into the presentation room to find a blue and red marker. (Ok, well this is really my dream since my workshops function sans office supplies from the Concord office) When I walked into our classroom at Aso Puente in Guatemala City, Guatemala sitting near the white board were

Last days in Nicaragua and my life list

The first time I saw David Seibel after I was awarded the Fellowship was at the Harvard Negotiation Project’s Mediation course at Harvard Law School. On my drive home I called my friend and said, “He told me that part of my responsibility is to cross things off my life list. Things I’ve always wanted

Northern Nicaragua and the chicken bus

In an incredible turn of events, I was connected with Peace Corp volunteers working in the northern part of Nicaragua. They lived outside of Esteli, in a small town called Pueblo Nuevo. They invited me to spend the night with their host family to learn more about what I was doing, as well as give

It’s a small world, in Granada!

The most insane thing happened to me, something that hasn’t happened to me in 6 months – I ran into someone I knew on the street! And in Granada, Nicaragua nonetheless. I’m starting to understand why I keep hearing “Everybody knows everybody here” comments. I ran into someone I had met networking the week prior,

Granada, Nicaragua

Nicaragua. Despite the similarities I have to keep reminding myself that I am no longer in Asia. I got right down to business in Granada connecting with people who were doing cool things. I found this great little company called NicaLife, which hires Nicaraguan women all over the country to make amazing jewelry that is

Final days in Bali

My experience in Bali has become as unpredictable as the weather here. Despite my efforts to communicate with ROLE what I am looking for in a fellowship placement, the needs of the organization do not meet my own as the Insight Fellow. I have decided that in order to get the most out of my

Bali, Indonesia

My life in Bali is so different than my life in Kampala. I am amazed that it’s only been a few weeks away from life in the convent and in the field with FINCA, but I have loved the challenge of this new adjustment. As I round out on a few weeks at the ROLE

Singapore and Bali

Culture shock can come in a variety of ways. I think people are often shocked by the banter of a foreign language, poverty, food, etc. For the first time I was shocked by massive shopping malls, organized traffic, modern public transportation, and the English language. Singapore. What a place! I stopped there on my way

Workshops in Uganda

I am very excited to write this entry because I had such an amazing and interesting two weeks doing, yet again, things only an Insight Fellow has the opportunity to do! I’ll begin with my workshops (that’s right, plural!). I held an Influence and Negotiation workshop, and a one-day Effective Communications workshop. I have seen

Kampala & Gulu, Uganda

I currently have the privilege of working with Elizabeth Robinson, the director of the FINCA Development Academy, the FDA, to create a toolkit for communication techniques that has the potential to be rolled out internationally! I spent a few days this week applying Insight tools and concepts to FINCA’s culture and creating a mini stand-alone

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