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Julia Gegenheimer

Fellow 2006-2007

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Budapest & The Hague, June 2007-Then Home!

10 June 2007: I’m making the most of my time here in Budapest: being touristy when I want to, being impulsive when I want to, and generally soaking up the atmosphere of a new place.  This morning I headed out early to the castle (mostly to satisfy that very large part of me which loves

The Hague-May-June, 2007

19 May 2007: In an effort to explore more of the Netherlands, I took a quick day trip to the nearby town of Delft. Only a ten-minute tram ride away, Delft had been recommended to me as a quaint little town, renowned for its Saturday market and its quintessentially Dutch pottery (appropriately referred to as

The Hague, April-May, 2007

22 April 2007: The day began in The Hague’s central train station and drew to a unexpected close in a boat on the canals of Amsterdam.  The hours passed easily from one pleasant moment to the next, confirming my suspicion that the best memories from this year will come from experiences completely unplanned and unforeseen. 

Cambodia-Last Days!

24 January 2007: I went for a morning run for the first time since arriving in Phnom Penh.  I’m surprised I hadn’t gone before; exercising early in the day is perfect when living in a city that generally begins to wake around 4 or 5am.  In fact, the paths around Independence Monument and along the

Cambodia, January 2007

30 December 2006:  I just returned from a quick bus trip to Vietnam (4 hours each way).  Although the official purpose of my trip was to secure a Cambodian visa extension (which required officially leaving the country and returning with the correct paperwork), I also used the trip as an excuse to see more of

First Days in Cambodia

10th December 2006: I experienced my first days in Cambodia in a state of constant fatigue.  Upon arriving in Phnom Penh last night, I was greeted by an immigration official (sent by my contacts at Youth for Peace, the organization with which I’ll be working) who whisked me through customs and the visa application process. 

Last Days in Cyprus-November 2006

12 November 2006:             I went to dinner with my friend Damian, another American teaching classes here and staying in the University hostel.  We walked around beforehand, exploring the winding streets of the Old City and checking out various restaurant possibilities.  It was nice to recognize most of the streets and landmarks, and feel like

Cyprus-November 2006

3 November 2006: The week is over, and I’m a little relieved.  One of the more difficult weeks I’ve had in Cyprus so far.  I conducted one interview after another and at the same time have started the process of writing an article.  It seems like I’m always running from one place to the next.

Cyprus-October 2006

1 October 2006: Cyprus celebrates its independence today.  For a country that has been invaded by the Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Ottoman Turks, the British, and I’m sure many others as well, the day seems like something really worth celebrating.  However, not too much seems to be going on.  Though

Hello from Cyprus!-September 2006

08 September 2006:             My first full day in Cyprus.  It came by way of a 7-hour layover in Amsterdam, after a long two days of traveling.  On my hundred and first day of the Fellowship, I really feel like some of the lessons I’ve learned on my trip over here could be entitled something

Last days in Boston-August 2006

17 August 2006:             Next week is my last at Insight before I go home to Kansas for a week and then leave for my first placement in Cyprus.  Interestingly enough, this perhaps has been my busiest time in Boston.  My schedule is full with coaching sessions, daylong training, or last-minute errands in preparation for

Boston-July-Early August 2006

6 July 2006:             Insight’s President, David’s, Fourth of July party was a couple of days ago.  I brought my friend James, who came into Boston from Andover in part to see the fireworks, in part (I hope) to see me, and in part (mostly) to take a break from the high school kids he’s

Boston, Working and Planning-June 2006

12 June 2006:             I returned to work today reinvigorated from a weekend in upstate New York, where the wedding I attended included a traditional Cambodian ceremony.  The event as a whole was fabulous (it totally appealed to the traditional, romantic, emotional side of me), but the Cambodian ceremony was especially incredible.  It was livelier

First Days in Boston- 2006

30 May 2006             I returned to the East Coast in much the same daze that I had left it, arriving in Boston this evening after a short week at home and a long day of traveling.  In many ways, the whirlwind of these past couple of weeks has yet to subside.  My memories of

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