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Egypt, then Home!-July 2006

(06/28/06) Day 300: Luxor After being away from home for longer than I ever imagined I would be, I can’t describe how nice it is to be picked up in a new city by a pre-arranged car and local guide. Not having to sort out the frustrating little details that I’ve been dealing with for

Uganda & Egypt-June 2006

(17/06/06) Day 289             Went for a workout today for the first time. I’m pretty out of shape these days. The food here definitely contributes to that. For some reason the health food craze hasn’t hit east Africa yet. Perhaps when there are people starving in your own country, watching what you eat isn’t exactly

Back to Uganda-June 2006

(01/06/06) Day 273: Nungwi             12 dollars per night. That’s the price of a bungalow with 2 queen sized beds, a bathroom and front porch, sitting right on the beach. Nungwi. The town where every 12 dollar bungalow has a million dollar view. I’m a lazy stone’s throw away from the bluest water I’ve quite

Tanzania-May 2006

(05/28/06) Day 269             The fact that I have made it from Mbarara to Bukoba in one day is not proof that the myriad of caveats I received when I decided to take this route were unfounded. Far from it. The trip from Masaka was taken in stages as each van that was supposed to

Uganda and a Trip Down the Nile-May 2006

(04/26/06) Day 237: Pinball             Another day spent working at home wouldn’t have been so interesting had it not been for the evening. Talking to a few Canadian conflict resolution masters students from Royal Roads University about their various projects here in Uganda I see a familiar face walk through the door but not one

Uganda-April 26-30, 2006

(04/26/06) Day 237: Pinball             Another day spent working at home wouldn’t have been so interesting had it not been for the evening. Talking to a few Canadian conflict resolution masters students from Royal Roads University about their various projects here in Uganda I see a familiar face walk through the door but not one

Uganda-April 6-25, 2006

(04/06/06) Day 218: FINCA             Waking up to my second day in Africa I was feeling a little light headed, a possible consequence of drinking two glasses of Waragi, the cheapest Ugandan liquor one can find. I ate a quick breakfast and hopped on a motorcycle taxi headed in the direction I believed the FINCA

Uganda-April 5 2006

 (04/05/06) Day 217: Uganda             After 23 years of hoping I’ve finally made it. Africa. How I got to where I am is a story worth mentioning if not an interesting one. I met with Grant, a desert safari tour guide who took David and Ashley around when they were in Dubai, for a drink

Dubai-April 2006

 (04/01/06) Day 214: Dubai             After being bumped onto an Emirates (direct) flight to Dubai from Muscat international, I almost didn’t want to get off when we landed. On that short hour- long flight I experienced better service and more comfort than I have seen in the last three months living in India. Flying Emirates

India-March 2006 Traveling

(03/17/06) Day 198: Kovalem             On a rock perched over the stormy seas I sit alone, listening. The rhythmic sounds of the Arabian Sea lull me into a place that seems a lifetime away from the office I left just 24 hours ago. There isn’t a cloud in the sky yet I cannot see the

India-Late January 2006

(01/20/06) Day 142: Babu Bhaskar             Today we had Babu Bhaskar come speak to us at work. Babu has been doing work in the field of human rights all throughout India for the last few decades. Hailing from Kerala, he briefed us on the history of the region as we are planning on starting up

India-Arrival, January 2006

(01/08/06) Day 130: Arrival in India Sunday January 8th, 2006, my first day in India. I awake to the sound of prayers coming through a muffled microphone from a neighbourhood mosque. Its origins I would later learn to be from the Pakistani area situated parallel to my neighbourhood of Lingarajapuram. Try saying that one 5

Thailand & Laos-December 2005 & January 2006

(12/11/05) Day 102: In the Big Bang             I arrived in Bangkok late last Thursday night. For the last 3 days I have been mostly taking it easy taking care of three months worth of neglected logistics and relaxing with all the comforts a big city has to offer that a monastery in the middle

Tibet & Thrangu-December 2005

(12/01/05) Day 92: Exam period             At some point during the day I made a decision to give all of my classes final exams. This came as much as a surprise to me as most of the students seeing as I have yet to evaluate them in any way other than verbal expressions of approval

Tibet & Thrangu-November 2005

(11/01/05) Day 62: The fog is slowly lifting I woke up today to an unusual darkness but knew it was morning. I looked at my watch and bolted upright in bed, 10:09am. I couldn’t believe it. I dressed myself in a frenzy cursing myself for bragging about my internal clock just yesterday to my parents.

Tibet & Thrangu-October 2005

(10/02/05) Day 32: Return of the Rinpoche I just got back from Jaiku after having spent today and last night at the Rinpoche’s house. Last night we went out for dinner with Lama Pema and the Rinpoche’s brother. We went to this cool little restaurant and had “hot pot”. It reminded me of the few

So This is Tibet-September 2005

(09/08/05) So this is Tibet Today, just after breakfast and shortly after my last journal entry, Lama Pema (Rinpoche’s right hand man) picked me up and drove me out into the middle of the Himalayas (snazzy way of saying 45 minutes outside of town). There, under a traditional Tibetan tent, Rinpoche and about 7 other

Traveling to Tibet-Early September 2005

(09/01/05) Day 1: On the Plane to Beijing We’ll, it’s actually happening. I’m on the plane to Beijing. It’s a 14-hour flight with no stop over so needless to say, I’ve got some time to kill. This morning I woke up tired and feeling lousy. I guess it may have been a blessing in disguise

Boston & the Insight Partners Retreat-August 2005

08/01/05) Insight Partners Retreat round two             In Toronto now and just got back from the cottage. A long weekend with David, Patrick, Dave Eason, Jeff and my whole family was just what I needed, the perfect little vacation. I gave a presentation to everyone there about the Fellowship including handouts of charts and excel

Boston-July 2005

07/05/05) Fourth of July             Yesterday was the Fourth of July and consequentially, David’s annual 4th party. Had a great time this year and it was interesting to be there for the second year in a row. Cool to see people I met one year ago to the day for the second time. Also great

Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative- Boston June 2005

(06/20/05) Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative: Day 1 Well, I’m back here in Boston. I’m not sure how to segue into a reflection of my recent experiences so I’ll just begin with where I am now and try to work my way backwards. I’m writing this, my first journal entry, from Hillel at Harvard University. I’ve

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