The Challenges

  • How can managers and their teams get more value out of every negotiation and difficult conversation?
  • How can executives navigate complex situations without damaging working relationships?
  • Where can you get practical advice tailored to an individual or small group’s immediate needs?
  • Not sure how to prepare for the upcoming conversation? What went wrong in the last one? How you can improve your performance reviews? How you can better manage your superiors, peers, or subordinates?

The Solution

Our coaches work directly with executives and teams to help them prepare, perform and debrief negotiations, meetings, and difficult conversations of all kinds. We apply theory developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, outlined in Getting to Yes (Fisher, Ury & Patton, 1981) and Difficult Conversations (Stone, Patton and Heen, 1999), and interpreted by our many years of collective experience in the classroom and in the field. At the heart of this theory is the assumption that good substantive results in negotiations and challenging conversations do not need to come at the expense of strong working relationships. Our core objectives when coaching are to:


  • Provide specific concrete advice tailored to the client’s immediate needs
  • Reinforce or introduce concepts, tools and learning from our workshops, as applicable Increase client awareness of styles, processes, and tactics associated with challenging negotiation and communication situations
  • Give clients opportunities to assess and improve their conflict management skills
  • Help clients navigate complex situations and connect their learning to their professional and personal lives.


Bring our world-class experts into your organization. Coaches can be booked for:


Half or full day group sessions on pre-determined topics or topics generated during the reserved time
Half or full day one-on-one sessions scheduled throughout the reserved block of time
On-call status by retainer used as a credit open to any employee/team; meetings or calls scheduled as needed
Private Coaching: We can work with individuals on an hourly basis outside of the organization space.
On the phone, at client homes, in restaurants— anywhere convenient and conducive to learning.


Our consultants favor the facilitative style we teach at the Harvard Mediation Program. Whether one-on-one or in small groups, our coaching clients experience a customized combination of specific advice, practical tools, drills, and role playing, as appropriate.