Nicole Carli

A 2015 graduate of Babson College, Nicole Carli studied Business Administration, and participated in an innovative program to analyze the economic climates of Russia and China, and the urban development of New Delhi, India. She has also studied at the University of Westminster in London. Her exposure to international studies, coupled with the rigor of a Babson business degree, intensified her curiosity about the role of women as mentors, and the roles women play in economic development. Her experience of an all women high school sparked her interest on how communities are strengthened by female mentorship, education, leadership, and networks. As an Insight Fellow, Nicole hopes to focus part of her fellowship on how women navigate relationship and conflict management. Currently, she is looking into opportunities to design curriculums regarding conflict management that can be taught to the staff of nonprofits and the communities they serve. She is currently exploring possible placements all over the world, including Cuba, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.