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July 1-14, 2015 NYC


I have been looking forward to this week all summer: I finally got to New York City as part of Insight! The Big Apple, even as a Bostonian, has always meant a lot to me. Some of my favorite family trips have happened there, and I get excited about any opportunity to go back.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been studying the Insight training material, and this was my first opportunity to see it live and in action at an Influence and Negotiation Training David was facilitating with Dan Green, Insight’s First Fellow, at JP Morgan. Besides watching a seamless workshop with an audience of 140, I was able to spend some time with Dan.

In a previous entry I mentioned how helpful Dan was with initial fellowship advice, and this week, he was even more so. Over lunch Dan helped me unpack a lot of the trouble spots I’ve had with finding organizations and in postgrad life in general. Remember how I said Insight practices what they preach? Dan is another perfect example of that. I have access to all of these amazing tools, and Dan was helping me apply them to things happening in my own life. It was amazing. Being able to use these tools in my own life means that I’ll have a better understanding of how to pass them on and teach them on my fellowship year.

I know all you’re thinking is, “Nicole! What about your placements?!” I wish I had a concrete answer! I feel like I’m constantly on phone calls and sending emails, yet nothing has come through. So, I’m adding that to my learning objectives: how to make it happen. Pretty broad, I know; but undeniably a tool for success.