Through our fellowship program, Insight Collaborative gives organizations and communities around the globe access to the most effective conflict management tools and methodologies. Since 2005, our fellows have worked with local communities spread across 59 countries, many of whom have been affected by some of the world’s most intractable violent conflicts.


Our focus is on leveraging the unique capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit of our fellows together with the world’s best conflict management methodologies to help our partner organizations to fulfill their missions. Our fellows help local communities across the globe by giving them access to new tools to effectively resolve disputes, communicate more effectively, negotiate productively and problem-solve.


Through this unique formula of leveraging local knowledge, world-class conflict management methodologies and the ingenuity of our fellows, we contribute to the successful transformation of all manner of destructive conflicts. In the process, we also turn our fellows into true global citizens committed to giving back to those less fortunate than themselves through whatever careers they go on to pursue.

Our Approach

The Insight Fellowship Program was created in 2005 to foster a community of global-minded individuals prepared to manage conflict effectively and contribute to their local, national and international communities. The Insight philosophy is that the ability to make positive contributions is a function of the quality of one’s communication skills, capacity for empathy and self-understanding. To promote these qualities, one-year Insight Fellowships are awarded to exceptional individuals with the motivation and capacity to deliver meaningful impact in communities across the globe.


New Fellows are given access to and intensive training on conflict management methodologies originally developed at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Fellows take these resources and, over the course of one year, travel to local partner organizations to develop and implement innovative throughout the world.


Most local partners cannot afford the specialized conflict management expertise and services Fellows provide. Fellows donate their time, energy, and passion. Insight Collaborative donates its network of relationships, methodology, and skills. Donors contribute the funds required to serve individuals and communities in need. By funding Insight Fellowship Program Projects, donors have a direct and meaningful impact on humanitarian efforts around the world.

Ways to Support Us