About Us

About Insight Collaborative

Insight Collaborative is a U.S. 501(c)3 and Canadian 149(1)(f) non-profit registered organization dedicated to resolving conflict and improving relationships around the world. Through conflict management education and dispute resolution services, we help individuals and organizations promote peace, operate efficiently, and effect positive change. We focus on negotiation, communication and strategic relationship management, providing customized programs and advice to governments, intergovernmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and foundations.

Our approach is based on ideas developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and Harvard Mediation Program, and many of our consultants teach at Harvard and other academic institutions. Insight Collaborative works closely with its sister company, Insight Partners, which provides conflict management training and consulting services to the private sector. This cross-pollination enables Insight Collaborative to offer both cutting-edge academic theory and corporate sector best practices.