Insight Collaborative is dedicated to resolving conflict and improving relationships around the world through conflict management education and dispute resolution services.
The Hague, Netherlands
Where we worked with the International Criminal Court.
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“Every evening I go to sleep having learned more about conflict management, and myself, than I ever expected.” 
- Elise Willer, Insight Fellow
Jyekundo, Tibet / Yushu, P.R.C.
Where we worked with Schools Without Borders

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The Insight Peace Education Project champions the prevention of violence by providing conflict management education to primary schoolchildren and their communities.
Gulu, Uganda
Where we work with local teachers to provide peace education in primary schools

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"Our criminal lawyers and investigators learned from Insight’s training to use new tools to interact in highly effective ways instead of with confrontation and lack of trust.  Insight made a tremendous and positive difference...” 
- Lead Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands
Baghdad, Iraq.
Where we worked with Members of Parliament

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“Bravo! Thank you so much for your astuteness, compassion, perseverance, and overall genius.”
- Party in complex family business mediation
Cambridge, U.S.A.
Where we mediate and teach conflict management.

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Who we are

Insight Collaborative is a U.S. 501(c)3 and Canadian 149(1)(f) non-profit registered organization dedicated to resolving conflict and improving relationships around the world. Through conflict management education and dispute resolution services, we help individuals and organizations promote peace, operate efficiently, and effect positive change. We focus on negotiation, communication and strategic relationship management, providing customized programs and advice to governments, intergovernmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and foundations.

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Services Highlight – Insight Fellowship Program

The Insight Fellowship Program periodically selects exceptional individuals and give them an opportunity to turn their passion and conflict management abilities into action. Through intensive training and coaching, we help Fellows develop and implement innovative programs throughout the world in a series of three-month placements.

Services Highlight – Insight Peace Education Project

The Insight Peace Education Project is dedicate to giving every child on Earth the tools to create peace.  We collaborate with communities and state officials to develop and standardize peace education curricula in primary schools around the world. We foster locally-led, context-specific lessons in cooperation, diversity, communication and non-violence. These learning experiences equip children with the foundation they need to promote peace as they become adult members of their societies. By involving parents, teachers, state actors and grassroots organizations, we give them the best chance of becoming tomorrow’s peacemakers.

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